New weaving collaboration on show

A new exhibition by artist Ophelia Mikkelson Jones at Parlour Projects contemporary art gallery in the Hawke’s Bay🌞🌜Which features a new weaving we worked on together. We were inspired by the grid paintings of Agnes Martin and plaid patterns found on picnic blankets.

Title: A Place To Picnic (on a clear day (2019)

Weaving details 🌾

Size: 104cm wide by 101cm long plus tassels

Weave pattern: tabby weave

Hand finished with hem stitching

Weft and warp yarn: New Zealand wool. Highlight yarn: Rare breed Merino

All yarns produced at a textile mill in Napier

Available from Parlour Projects

The other collaborative work in the exhibition are two the custom iconic *Slingray chairs with artist Ryder Jones

📷Photography by Hazel Redmond courtesy of Parlour Projects 💐

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