New Romantics / Waikato University / 6 May – 19 June 2011

I have been collecting roadside crash site debris and gleaning ‘urban crystals’ for the past two years.¬†As a starting point I was thinking about how the word kaleidoscope contains the word collide phonetically. Reframed within kaleidoscopes the fragments re-collide with each photograph capturing one-off compositional moments of a particular crash site’s debris.

A selection of these works are being exhibited in ‘New Romantics’ curated by Karl Chitham featuring Graham Fletcher, Niki Hastings-McFall, Sam Mitchell, Emma Smith, Zina Swanson and Kathryn Tsui at the Calder and Lawson Gallery, Waikato University 6 May to 19 June 2011.

This work is now part of the University of Waikato art collection and is installed in the Chancellor’s office.


‘Semi-precious’ 2009-2011

The ‘Semi-precious’ series 2009-2011 includes sequin works and kaleidoscopic photographs of car crash debris that refer to issues of worth and worthlessness, imitation and surface value in times of economic and environmental recession.