Cross stitch project in textile exhibition

The first part of the cross stitch project with my mum Doris Tsui is now showing in a textile exhibition at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Auckland, curated by Cora Allan Wickliffe.

This project features the tartan pattern found on mass produced Hong Kong Shopper or Ahmah bags. It represents over 22,000 cross stitches and over 200 hours of stitching.

The exhibition runs from 26th July until 15th September.

Celebration exhibition at Corban Estate Arts Centre

Great to be part of the 15 Years on The Estate at Corban Estate Arts Centre from 15 December – 11 February 2018. The exhibition celebrates their 15th year as a creative hub and features artists who have contributed to the Centre.

With artists Anne-Sophie Adelys, Anton Parsons, Andrew Hall, Bernie Harfleet, Chiara Corbelletto, David McCracken, Donna Sarten, Elliot Collins, Evan Woodruffe, Flox, Gabby O’Connor, Giles Smith, Jeff Thomson, Jermaine Reihana, John Edgar, Judy Darragh, Katie Smith, Kathryn Tsui, Kairava Gullatz, Kevin Osmond, Mandy Patmore, Martin Selman, Nate Savill, Pacifica Mamas, Peter Lange, Peata Larkin, Ruth Woodbury, Stephen Woodward and Tony Brown.

My role at Corban Estate was often about making art more accessible and for the exhibition I selected this graph paper collage. ‘hourglass’ (2017) reflects my interest in the inclusive status that collage and quilt making can share, they are both generally made with everyday materials and methods. The frame itself is based on the contrast found patchwork patterns

Crash ‘Collidoscope’ Series in Waikato University Collection Exhibition


October 2015 – February 2016

Calder & Lawson Gallery, Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato.

Featuring works by Jude Broughan, Judy Darragh, Max Gimblett, Kerry Ann Lee, Saffron Te Ratana, Campbell Smith, Jill Sorensen, Kathryn Tsui, Paul van den Bergh, and Sarah Williams.

Subsets draws upon the University of Waikato Art Collection to present pieces that have multiple conversing elements, and also make visual connections to ‘talk’ with other sets or pairs within the exhibition.