Exhibition Publications

Thanks Mr Nick Spratt who designed these publications featuring the exhibitions I curated and wrote for during 2015 to 2016 for Corban Estate Arts Centre. What a great memento of all the incredible artists and the team at Corbans I worked with during that period.


Crash ‘Collidoscope’ Series in Waikato University Collection Exhibition


October 2015 – February 2016

Calder & Lawson Gallery, Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato.

Featuring works by Jude Broughan, Judy Darragh, Max Gimblett, Kerry Ann Lee, Saffron Te Ratana, Campbell Smith, Jill Sorensen, Kathryn Tsui, Paul van den Bergh, and Sarah Williams.

Subsets draws upon the University of Waikato Art Collection to present pieces that have multiple conversing elements, and also make visual connections to ‘talk’ with other sets or pairs within the exhibition.

Crowning Glory / exhibition statement

Kathryn is an Auckland-based artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Auckland University of Technology in 2007, majoring in sculpture. She works in a variety of media and draws attention to fleeting, everyday moments.

These self-portraits are from her most recent works – the Bed Hair Project. Every morning, the artist would dress in the same garment and pose in exactly the same way in order to document her messy array of hair.

“Bed hair is both humorous and humanising at the same time. Although bed hair is universal it is usually hidden from view and corrected before the day begins. It is something that is not normally photographically represented. I am interested in the spontaneous and ever-changing formalism of bed hair. I see them as hair drawings formed by daily activities of sleep and dreams” (Kathryn Tsui).

Anna-Marie White
Curator, The Suter Art Gallery.

Crowning Glory /The Suter Art Gallery/ 16 July – 4 September

My bed hair portraits are on their way to Nelson for ‘Crowning Glory’ at the Suter Art Gallery. An investigation of human hair through historic artefacts and contemporary art, curated by Anna-Marie White. Featuring, Liyen Chong, Andrea Daly, Ilse-Marie Earl, Janet Lilo, Andrea Lowe, Vivian Lynn, Victoria McIntosh, Deborah Walsh and artefacts from various museum collections throughout Aotearoa.